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Hi guys... Hope it's okay to post this here. I am pimping myself out… - Red Sox Fans [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jul. 22nd, 2007|01:30 am]
Red Sox Baseball


Hi guys...

Hope it's okay to post this here. I am pimping myself out everywhere about Blogathon 2007 and thought maybe some people would be interested in sponsoring me. Why?

I was bopping around LiveJournal today, and found a really interesting community, blogathonlj. I was curious, so I checked it out.

Basically, it's a fundraising project. On July 28th, any user who is participating will post roughly every half hour from 6am PST for 24 hours. And so, I decided I wanted to do this. Here's my info:

Name: Melissa, a/k/a LissaAnn

Blogathon blog: LissaAnn's Little Corner of the World

Blogging for: Children's Hospital Boston

About me: I just turned 37 today, July 21st. I have been blogging since 2002, covering such subjects as my mental illnesses, my daily life, what it's like trying to get along single in the world. I am a passionate Red Sox fan (this will be important in a minute) and I live in Connecticut with my orange and white cat, Macintosh.

Why I chose my charity: Okay, I know that this is cliche, but this is one of the charities of my favorite Red Sox player Jason Varitek. Jason is the captain and catcher for the Boston Red Sox. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for children's hospitals in general. As Jason said, it's sometimes tough for Children's Hospital Boston to get attention because of the big charity of the Sox, the Jimmy Fund. But it's all the same children, facing all the same problems.

My plans for blogathon: No big plans. My friends and I are having a small get together for my birthday so I'll probably blog about that. I'll blog about some of the Red Sox game. Just random moments of life.

Sponsor Me: Please?

Basically, I'm just gonna blog about what's going on...nothing out of the ordinary, just that I'll be updating much more frequently.

Please help me out. Children's Hospital Boston is a great charity.

How do I know this isn't a fraud? Go to Blogathon 2007 for more information, as well as other charities if you don't like mine.

I'd really appreciate it. Just something small I can do to give back.